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Give the gift of empowerment! 


What better gift is there than a one-of-a-kind, hand-sculpted portrait of the most glorious part of the female body, the vulva! Order a custom portrait for yourself or another vulva owner near and dear to your heart. The subject of the portrait has the choice of which object the likeness of their yoni will be sculpted upon. The choices will be a vase, cup, mug with handle, wall hanging sculpture, or viewing mirror (images to come). All pieces will be approximately 3 inches tall (excluding viewing mirrors)


How this works:


Once the order is placed, you will receive a small gift box in the mail that will contain a gift card and instructions for submitting reference images. Expect approximately 3 weeks for delivery of the gift box. Gift boxes will be delivered before December 25th.


Once images are submitted to the artist and a choice of vessel or object has been made, I will begin work on your custom vulva portrait! Expect delivery in at least 12 weeks from the submittal of images.   


Note: Your images will be safe and secure with the artist. I will not share images of your custom portrait unless permission is granted. Your reference images will not be viewed by anyone besides the artist and will not be used in any other works besides the custom portrait. The artist will delete all images upon completion of the portrait. 


The total price includes domestic shipping of gift boxes and final portraits. International shipping will be charged for the shipping of both the gift box and the finished portrait. 

Custom Vulva Portrait

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