Artist Statement

My current work is purely driven by will and emotion. It is a cerebral exploration of my own mental states. With these ideas in mind, I have dug myself a vast well from which to pull. By getting to the roots of my own anxiety and depression and further exploring subjects like motherhood, sexuality, life balance, and upbringing, I create work that resonates universally while simultaneously reflecting my own unique experiences. I choose to sculpt the female body in all of its operations, using scale, vignette, and color to encourage the viewer to further confront their own psyche and presumptions. 


In my studio practice, anxieties often materialize through clay. Both sculptural and functional, the objects I create are continuously evolving as I further explore the complexities of the human condition from a female perspective. My work is a self-portrait that is ever-changing as I am physically and mentally maturing. I see my art practice as necessary as medication and therapy are to my mental wellbeing. It works as an outlet and has given me a voice to communicate feelings that I had previously felt compelled to hide.


I find strength in knowing that my work has meaning beyond my own healing and understanding. As I begin to better understand my own body and mind, I feel compelled to advocate for others who have yet to understand their own. I hope to achieve that by creating work that communicates the incredible healing message of "you're not alone."