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Artist Statement

My current work is a cerebral exploration of my identity and mental state. I choose to sculpt the body in all its operations, using scale, vignette, and surface to encourage the viewer to further confront their own psyche and presumptions. By addressing subjects like mental health, sexuality, and gender, I create work that resonates universally while simultaneously reflecting my own unique experiences. 


In my studio practice, anxieties and revelations materialize through clay. Both sculptural and functional, the objects I create continuously evolve as I further explore the complexities of the human condition and the more “private” aspects of my own identity. 


I see my work as a cathartic self-portrait that is ever-changing as I physically and mentally evolve. My art practice is as crucial to my mental well-being as medication and therapy. It works as an outlet enabling me to communicate feelings I had previously felt compelled to hide.

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